Saturday, May 30, 2009

Medemblik Day 4

We had a good forecast of wind gusting to 20 in the afternoon, but it never materialized. The morning was looking promising, sunny with about 15 knots of wind. However, right before our 2:30 pm start, the wind dropped to about 5-10. Most of the pressure was towards the left side of the course, most likely due to land effects. There were big oscillations between left and right with bands of clouds coming down.

My starts are getting really good and my pumping much better, so I had pretty good speed on the course. We worked on a few tuning and technique issues and also some strategy for downwind. I’m gradually starting to see where I should go on the course, although I was still losing places. Overall it was a productive day. Many things, like starting, are becoming automatic, which allows me to focus more on tactics. It’s good to be progressing.

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