Monday, May 18, 2009

Poland Again

One of the first questions the Polish kids always ask me when I show up is "How long are you staying here?" The truth is that this year I don't know, but it will be at least 2 months. I really enjoy my time here. Although I'm usually pretty quiet and just sail and train hard, I absorb a lot. It's great to be working hard in a familiar setting, and I'm really happy to be back.

I had a really long flight and one day on the water so far. It looks like I'm going to make some big improvements this year. After racing today with the kids, my upwind speed is great, but my downwind still needs a bit of help. I'm definitely planing sooner and going faster, but I still have a lot to work on. The weather is classic, rainy and cold. We had an hour of summer today before a front came through! I'm really excited for the season to begin.


  1. I hope you really put it together and kick those Polish kids' butts this year.

  2. Would love to see some pictures of Polandia. Keep pushing hard and look forward to your updates

  3. Can you post some pictures from Polandia? It would be great to see where you are sailing. Keep up the good work. The reports are a nice way to touch base with your friends.