Thursday, May 21, 2009

Puchar PZZ in Puck

Roughly translated, this regatta is called the Polish Sailing Association Cup (Polski Zwiazek Zeglarski), and it's my third year in a row participating. Most of the participants are boardsailors, but there a good-sized Laser fleet, and a few Finns. Our first day of racing was today, and we began this day by waiting for the wind. In the afternoon, we finally got about 6-10 knots of breeze, which was enough for two races. The committee here doesn't mess around and they're used to running races for boards. As soon as the wind was up, they sent us out, ran two fast races, and sent us back in.

I had a couple sorta kinda mediocre races. Even though my technique has dramatically improved, I'm still having trouble downwind and reaching, and still a bit slow to plane. This wasn't helped by the massive amounts of floating weed in the water. We were all fighting the weeds, and I saw many sailors stop to clear their fins. However, I am pretty fast upwind and am holding my own with a few of the good youth girls. Tomorrow some big breeze is in the forecast, which will be great. The committee will probably want to run four races, so it should be a big day. It's time to get organized...walk to the store, get some food, then get back to my hotel. I know some people are anxious to see some pictures, but they'll have to wait for tomorrow because I forgot my camera cable.

Do jutra,


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