Monday, May 11, 2009

Return to Miami

It was great being able to go home after the French Olympic Week. Home is always the most productive place to be when it comes to organizing my campaign, and for getting rest too! As far as work goes, it's been mostly logistics and finances. I'm busy organizing a trip to Poland, followed by the Delta Lloyd regatta in Medemblik, Netherlands. I'm also happy to say that the Compass Marketing team is helping me out with a new website, and that will be up in the near future. They are really professional and the new design is looking great.

I just finished a really, really long drive to Miami. I'll be doing a little work here with coach Mike Gebhardt, getting the basics for some technique that I can continue to work on in Europe. Today was busy finding enough gear to make two rigs, organizing some video, picking up last-minute equipment deliveries, and basically making sure I have enough gear and other supplies to last through September in Europe. The last item on the to-do list is the actual packing. I brought tons of clothes with me, enough summer and workout clothes for a week in Miami and all the warm stuff for chilly northern Europe. This means I'll repack everything on the final day, and send about half of everything back home.

It will be a busy week of training and logisitcs in Miami, and I'm looking forward to getting started.

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