Friday, May 29, 2009

Medemblik Day 3

Today was a frustrating day for me. Although conditions were great, I was having problems bringing together my technique. We had sunny conditions with a gradually building sea breeze. The air and water were cold and the wind built from 10 to 15 knots. We had two races, one in marginal conditions and one in planing conditions.

Overall I felt pretty good in the marginal conditions. My downwind is still slow and I’m still getting the feel for the hanging technique I recently learned. My upwind is getting a lot faster so I’m happy about that. In the breeze however, I was extremely slow. I wasn’t pointing at all and ended up getting really frustrated, since I normally sail well in those conditions. It’s difficult to come to a regatta not training at the venue ahead of time, and especially after being exhausted from another regatta and a crazy drive. Anyway I’m currently re-thinking my plans for June and July in order to maximize training and build a base of board handling skills.

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