Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Preparing for the Rolex Miami Olympic Classes Regatta

Living in Miami for the winter is really helpful as it gives me a home base to operate from and a feeling of being settled and more grounded. It's allowed me to take care of finances, sell old and buy new sailing equipment, establish my goals for the year, and otherwise get life back in order. Physical training has ramped up and on the water I've been focusing on Formula. However, the Rolex Miami Olympic Classes Regatta (OCR) is just around the corner and I'm now back on the RS:X. The OCR is the women windsurfers' team qualifier, so it is a very important event for us.

Lining up with a group of international sailors in light wind

Many international sailors choose to make the OCR part of their winter training regimen, and I have been sailing with a few girls from Finland, Canada, and Denmark, and their coach. Transitioning back to the RS:X can be difficult as it takes a few sessions to get all the "feel" back. It's also always a small shock to go from sailing something fun, fast, and responsive, to something slow and heavy, but on the other hand, using huge Formula rigs makes the RS:X sail feel tiny and light in comparison.

Working on pumping technique downwind

This week we will continue training, and then many of the international sailors, including myself, are participating in the North American Championship (Alex Caviglia Bluewater Classic) regatta held at the Shake-a-Leg Sailing Center in Coconut Grove, Miami. This is a good training regatta and warm-up for the OCR.

The forecast for the weekend is big breeze from the south, so we expect some interesting racing. It will definitely be warm (in the 80s F), which will be a welcome change from the record lows we have been experiencing. It isn't supposed to be 35 degrees F during the middle of the day in Miami, is it? We are all looking forward to a good weekend of getting back to racing!

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