Monday, January 25, 2010

Miami OCR: Day 1

After a week of training, the Miami OCR is finally upon us. I'm working with coach Mike Gebhardt, the other American girls (Lisa Kremer and Solvig Sayre) and Carolina, my Brazilian training partner from last summer. We have spent the last few days getting our gear ready, registering for the event, finding a coach boat, and other last-minute logistics.

The first day of racing for the RS:X fleet (and a few other boat classes too) was a washout. The committee delayed us for a line of weather coming through. Rumors of waterspouts around Key Largo made the committee decide to abandon racing for the day. Although it rained heavily for a short time, we never got to see a waterspout, which was slightly disappointing after all the hype.

Tomorrow three races are on the schedule to make up for the two missed today. We're all pretty well-rested at this point. I did some maintenance lifting in the gym today just so I wouldn't feel undertrained going into the day tomorrow. The rest is probably good for me as I usually charge full-on into a regatta without much of a taper.

I may have difficulty posting pictures, as I somehow lost track of my camera today and someone picked it up (I'll never see it again). Meanwhile, you can enjoy regatta pictures and results at the Miami OCR website.

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